Why do I get random really strong urges to stab myself or hurt someone?

Question by Amber: Why do I get random really strong urges to stab myself or hurt someone?
So just random, I get these really strong urges to stab myself. I’ll look at something and I’ll just get the urge to just stab my leg with it. Of course, I’ve never done it. But I do randomly have a problem with self harm during my major depressive episodes. But lately, I’ve been having other weird urges. Like I looked at a lighter and had a urge to just light my hair on fire. When I’m driving, I just want to drive it into something. Some times I want to break my boyfriends foot with a hammer into time pieces and the thought even makes me giggle. It’s creepy as hell. I don’t even know why I get these urges. Can someone explain why? I’m 19. And I don’t currently have assess to a doctor because of no money and free clinics won’t take me since I have insurance. (Stupid, huh?)

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last i checked it’s free to admit yourself into a mental institution

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4 Responses to “Why do I get random really strong urges to stab myself or hurt someone?”

  1. Gin says:

    Most people have odd urges (like, standing on a high building and wondering about leaning out …), luckily mostly people also have a part of their brain that goes “no no no no don’t do that”. Luckily, your “don’t do that” brain is still in charge. But if you’re finding the lure of weirdness harder to resist, go see a doctor … I don’t think a free clinic would turn you away!

    If you’re a student, there’ll be a student health service or centre that can put you in the right direction of help.

  2. Eleanor Rigby says:

    Have you been reading a clockwork orange?
    Tell your guidance counseler or parents, this isn’t the place to ask such questions.

  3. Thomas Shafer says:

    i have the same problem just dont do anything stupid like smash your car into a building or anything stupid

  4. Madison says:

    Nope, Not stupid What -so- ever!! IT sounds to me (And I`m not a doctor) That you could have a form of OCD, You have urges to do thing you would NEVER Naturally do!! I don`t know for sure, but I know how you feel. Its hard, just try to be aware of it and talk to a trusted friend or family member. If you go to any type of school and have a counselor, go talk to them, They may have some Suggestions!!
    You may not have accsess to a doctor, but you may just need to find a way, Or someone for help!! :) Life will get better, It`ll take time, but it will!!
    Always prayin`for ya!!

    God Bless!!

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