Why Dansko Shoes are the Preferred Footwear of Healthcare Professionals

There are a lot of different shoes on the market with a lot of different selling points, but one of the most impressive is the seal of approval that Dansko shoes has received from the American Podiatric Medical Association. This approval is not awarded without careful consideration, and it takes a very special type of shoe to be approved by an organization that knows more about feet and the stress that they are under than anyone else. Dansko shoes and sandals are a very special type of shoe. To prove it, you will see their shoes on the feet of a number of healthcare professionals as well as others who have to spend the majority of their day in motion and on their feet. These shoes keep feet cushioned, dry, and protected from all of the rigors that walking provide while still providing a stylish look that is difficult to match.

Though there are several different styles of Dansko shoes, the choice of healthcare professionals are the various clogs that the company sells in their Professional line. These clogs truly are state-of-the-art, featuring a patented design that was developed in Denmark in the 1980’s. They are designed to be flexible, durable, and comfortable while providing superior ventilation and shock absorption as well as amazing support and skid protection. That might seem like a lot for a single shoe design to claim, but these shoes have been tested in hospitals around the world and can be found time and again to be one of the best shoes on the market to stand up to the rigors of the healthcare industry. Many healthcare professionals who wear Dansko clogs simply will not change to another brand of shoe because nothing else can compare.

The real secret to Dansko’s success and acceptance by healthcare professionals comes from the way that the clogs are manufactured. Every piece of the shoe’s design is focused on either comfort or protection, and in many cases the goal is to provide both. The toe box of the clogs is reinforced to help protect the toes and forward section of the foot, while the heel is designed to protect the back of the foot while avoiding blisters. Padding and cushioning abound throughout the interior of the clogs, keeping the foot protected from both the stress of being on ones feet for long periods of time as well as the various bumps that the foot receives throughout the course of the day. Even the sole of the shoe is designed to provide better traction, with a non-skid tread keeping the shoe from slipping while the ball of the foot can pivot through a more natural rocking motion than flat soles can provide.

In addition to providing new levels of comfort and protection for healthcare professionals, Dansko clogs also provide much more durability than lesser shoes are able to. The core of the polyurethane sole is made of PVC, helping the shoe to keep its form well beyond the point where many shoes would begin to crease and bend. The leather of the clogs is specially treated to help it avoid dirt, salt, petroleum-based chemicals, pathogens, and even cracking caused by extreme cold; this helps the materials of the shoes to last much longer than other brands of shoes would because they would simply begin to deteriorate over time. As an added bonus, this treatment can also help the clogs to resist several types of stains including blood and other bodily fluids which healthcare professionals might come in contact with.

Due to the fact that Dansko shoes are clogs, they also provide a level of convenience to healthcare a worker that is not commonly found with other shoe designs. Though the Dansko clogs cushion the feet and are not likely to come off accidentally, they can be easily slipped on and off in a moment. This means that the healthcare worker who has been on his or her feet all day can quickly slip out of the clogs in order to relax their feet easily when finally getting a break, and also that they can quickly put the shoes back on in case an emergency situation should arise and they need to be back in action immediately.

With Dansko clogs providing protection, comfort, and convenience that is second to none, it is no wonder that healthcare professionals around the world choose these shoes over other brands. The Dansko company takes pride in the shoes that they make and have worked hard to receive the APMA seal of approval, and there is no doubt that they will continue to work on new innovations to help make their clogs the best footwear option available not only for healthcare professionals but also for anyone who is looking for a comfortable shoe.

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