Q&A: why does my heel hurt so bad?

Question by sickie09ismine: why does my heel hurt so bad?
when i get up from the couch or bed (no matter how long i stay down) my heel hurts really really bad to the point that i have to sit back down..what could be the cause of this? and should i see a podiatrist?

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Answer by charles
Yea, if its been several days (I don’t know, just guessing) and you don’t know what caused the pain to begin with, you probably should see a podiatrist. The heel is a very sensitive part of the body. I know I have been barefoot and stepped on a small pebble and it nearly dropped me.

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  1. Rusty says:

    you should see a podiatrist but heel pain if often the result of arch problems try arch supports in your shoes and try not to walk around in flip flops and don’t go barefoot

  2. The Deadliest Mushroom says:

    Sounds like plantar fasciitis. Read up:


  3. Aaron says:

    Sounds like either a tiny fracture or just a really bad bruise. How long has it been occurring? If it’s a bruise it will go away with time, however if it’s a fracture the healing process will be much longer and you might want to see a doctor. If it lasts more than a week my advice is go to the doctor. Hope you get better.

  4. Darrick H says:

    i had similar problems in 6th grade playing baseball. more than likely it’s the shoes you’re wearing. they have these things dr scholls make that you slide in your heel of your shoes, for extra support, and that helped me alot. also elevation and i iced it alot. i dunno what the diagnosis would be, but it sucked bad

  5. wmponygirl says:

    Yes you should see either a podiatrist or an orthopedist. Mushroom is right in that it could be plantar fasciitis. I had the same type of pain. If you stand up and do some stretches with your leg does it feel any better? What really helped me was going out and getting a pair of properly fitted shoes and some good insoles/arch supports. Don’t buy the Dr Scholls stuff as they don’t have enough support. The inserts I got were incredible. You can see them at the link below.

  6. medtech says:

    These are symptoms of a heel spur. I would see your primary care physician first. A heel spur will show on an xray. That way you can then be referred to the podiatrist if need be.

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