how to relieve leg and foot pain from standing on concrete floors all day?

Question by christine: how to relieve leg and foot pain from standing on concrete floors all day?
I work in a factory now after being off work for several years do to back injury .. now that I’m back to work i stand in a pretty small area with little moving around really… 8 hours on concrete and my lower leg’s and my feet hurt so bad that i will cry when i get home ..what can i do to help the pain has been 3 weeks back to work and they are not getting any better if anything it worse…please help i will try most anything

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Answer by katrina
Well having worked on my feet for couple yrs a I can relate…the pain did bring tears to my eyes! I did see a chiropractor a couple times…that helped…also some stretching before and after work (legs, feet etc) I also ‘iced’ my feet each day after work. Took a bag of frozen peas and sat on couch with my socks on or a towel over the bag..and rested my feet on the bag while watching TV. Put bag back in freezer till next day. Just have to do all of these things faithfully…I also ended up going to a store (not sure if one in your area) called Sneaker Advantage…mainly to see about new shoes/sneakers…but the guy actually told me about some medical inserts they had for what I was dealing with…and ended up getting them. They helped more than any inserts I had. See if they have a website. Or look online.

Hope some of this helps

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