Did You Know There Are Common Foot Problems In Chickens?

When you raise backyard chickens, sooner or later you are going to have to deal with some of the common foot problems in chickens.  When you get into raising backyard chickens, you will find that it is typically pretty easy.  Providing the basics like clean living spaces, shelter, food and fresh water, go a long way toward ensuring the health and happiness of your flock.  But, even with the best of care there are some common foot problems in chickens that you may have to deal with.

Foot problems in chickens are not uncommon at all.  Remember, your chickens are running around on only two legs and feet so if one or both of them have a problem, then it is going to affect the mobility of your chicken. 

What causes the common foot problems in chickens? 

Some foot problems are genetic or may be caused by growth that happened too fast. When chickens grow too fast, too much pressure is put on the still developing feet and problems result.  
Other foot problems in chickens are a result of nutritional deficiencies and poor living conditions.  Scaly leg mites for example, dig under the leg scales and make your chickens lame.
Old hens are also prone to developing arthritis which can be very painful.

How can you tell if your chickens are having foot problems? 

The best way is to take some time and just watch your chickens every day for any signs of problems.  Chickens are fun to watch as they scratch around so it shouldn’t be too hard to do.  If you notice any chickens that aren’t moving around like they should or any that appear to be lame or holding a foot up, they need to be looked at more closely.  Look for swollen feet, obvious cuts or injuries, scabs on the foot, etc. Take care of any problems that you notice immediately so they don’t get worse.

How can you help prevent foot problems in chickens?

One of the best ways is to practice good hygiene in your chicken houses, chicken runs and any other areas your chickens are allowed to roam. 
If there is a large drop from your chicken house to the ground, then provide some ramps because constantly dropping down to the ground can cause injuries.
Make sure that your chicken flock has soft ground, grass or hay to stand on to cushion their feet.
Only give your chickens high quality feed to ensure that they are getting the proper nutrients that they need.
Provide different sized perches with different surfaces to help prevent arthritis from developing and to make it more comfortable for your birds.

Birds that have foot injuries should be isolated from the flock until the problem resolves itself.  That way your chicken will be to eat, drink and roost without having to compete with the other chickens and possibly injure itself further.

Another thing to keep in mind is that birds with foot problems should not be bred because there may be a genetic component. You don’t want an entire flock of birds with foot deformities or foot problems.

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