Brown/red spots/blotches on feet and moving up leg (pictures inside)?

Question by daniel w: Brown/red spots/blotches on feet and moving up leg (pictures inside)?
Ive had these things for probably a little more than a year. I went to the doctor recently and she said its typically something doctors see more or less in older people. She said the cause it typically from being overweight which i am. But I dismiss that really. I have researched this up online and I have found younger/older/fatter/skinnier people have got these.

I just went into the Walk In Clinic… and personally I think she just wanted me to be in and out of there. Just went for the obvious reason (me being fat). Maybe she was right. Maybe she was wrong.

Here are some photo’s I took of these spots. BTW… Mind the scabs.. they aren’t the same thing. I cut myself shaving my legs lol. Was gonna get a tattoo lol.

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Answer by kelly e
Microderabrasion is another method to remove the brown spots on legs that you may have noticed.
Skin lighteners are a more cost effective way to treat the brown spots on the legs. You can treat your skin in your own home with products that you purchase over the counter.

I do believe it is due to age and your genetic make up!
Not just a ‘weight’ issue. If the spots are not effecting your health that is why the MD sent you away.
(I had the same treatment with Keratosis PIlaris)

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